All about poop!

Let's face it, we're awkward when we talk about poop! We're grossed out, we giggle and we feel like it's a super taboo topic.

But the saying is true...everyone poops! And I don't want you to be embarrassed - ever. 


Because digestion and properly eliminating waste from our rockin' bods is CRUCIAL for every single bodily function - our energy, skin, brain health, immunity - all of it!

But what's normal? How often should you go? And what if you're not going!?

I've got you covered (this used to be a big issue of mine!) There were times where I went days without a BM. I knew something was wrong but I didn't know what to do about it. I thought the ONLY option was laxatives - and there was actually a time in my life where I was taking them far too often (which caused more probs). 

But guys I'm really excited to say my digestion is the strongest it's ever been.

I'm very thankful every day when I have a nice elimination because I know this means my body is recovering from years of health issues, dieting, over-the-counter meds, and STRESS (so much stress). 

Why are things better? Well it's all because I practice what I preach and follow the 4 pillars of my practice - real food nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, lots of mindset work & smart movement.

So how's your digestion!?

Are you sick & tired of feeling like CRAP!?

Are you constipated? Or going TOO much? Or just not feeling like things are right in the poop department!? 

This is the very first place I start when someone just isn't feel good. Digestion is the foundation of a healthy body!

Want to learn more and get to the bottom of what's going on with YOUR digestion!? Let's chat about it (I've heard it ALL).  Schedule a free call with me here -->

Happy pooping! ;)