I'm Chelsea Gross, a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach.

I help women break free from dieting, make peace with food and create a life they love filled with energy, self-love and freedom from rules and obsession.

I support my clients in creating permanent change so they NEVER have to start over on Monday, next year or get back on the wagon ever again. 

I can help cause I've been there. For nearly a decade I tried 100's of diets, filled out notebooks with my calories each day, binged, obsessed and struggled with food, weight, my body and health. 

I've since broken free and these days I feel truly balanced, at peace around food and confident in the way I eat, think and live. I no longer struggle with those things that took up all the space in my life.

Now, I want to help you get there too. 


Why is my approach different than everything else you've already tried?

  • I break down the BS of the diet industry and arm you with the knowledge of simple real food nutrition free from calorie counting and dieting + how to seamlessly transition to the way of eating that actually feels maintainable & doable for the long run. 

  • We focus on quality and the nutrients your body desires and thrives on to feel it's best - not eating less or depriving yourself + how to work with your body instead of against it & create innate intuition. 

  • We work as a team to break the on the wagon/off the wagon, all or nothing cycle that keep us stuck through mindset, pro-active simple shifts and ultimately forgiveness & compassion. 

  • Since I've been there I know what it's like to go through the ups and downs and feel like it's never ever going to get better. I've done it and it will! I provide a safe, non-judgmental space...there for you every step of the way.

I am so thankful to Chelsea for all the support and tools she has given me to help me live a meaningful life NOT obsessing over controlling food.
— Tara
It is one thing to work with someone who will tell you how to change your diet, but it is another to work with someone who also brings such dedication and compassion to their work. Chelsea is a unique and special individual and anyone who has the privilege of working with her is extremely lucky.
— Lily
Chelsea’s plan made me feel energized instead of hungry all of the time. I’m so glad I got the chance to work with her because she really shifted my mindset around diet, food, weight, body image and a whole bunch more! I highly recommend Chelsea especially if you’re trying to break free from the diet mentality and focus on a healthy lifestyle and NOT another diet. She is such a caring, knowledgeable, and seriously genuine person.
— Lanisa
It’s so true that angels come into your life at the perfect time. Chelsea is attentive and caring, and the 1:1 coaching sessions helped me discover insights about myself, and establish new habits. Thank you Chelsea for making such an impactful difference in my life!
— Lynne