How to stop heartburn

For years I struggled with heartburn. Like bad.

I would have to keel over in the fetal position just to find comfort and was terrified to eat something I thought would set off my symptoms. After tons of tests, doctors visits and a lot of "everything came back normal," I settled for my doctor's prescription of 2 Prilosecs a day (an over-the-counter acid blocker (PPI) he told me to take indefinitely.)

Then, when I was in nutrition school I was educated about stomach acid for the very first time.

I learned that heartburn and many other digestive issues (bloating, constipation/diarrhea, burping/belching, gas, chronic upset stomach) can be caused from not TOO MUCH stomach acid but TOO LITTLE.

Wow. Crazy right!?

And those acid blockers (PPI's) are actually making the situation worse. Much worse - they greatly affect your gut health by killing off beneficial bacteria (the good guys!) and weaken the intestinal lining causing leaky gut. 

As you guys know, gut health is everything so this isn't good. 

So what can you do?? The best place to start is to work on healing and sealing the gut & making it your mission to build back stomach acid. Stomach acid is so crucial - it's what helps us digest our food, kill off pathogens and feel pleasantly full and satisfied after a meal (not overly full + in discomfort!)

How!? I've got you covered in my latest video! 

Enjoy :)

And as always, comment below with your thoughts on the topic & if you found this video helpful!