How to stop late night eating

For years I was trying to break the cycle of late night eating. I thought I couldn't stop because something was wrong with me and I lacked willpower.

This isn't true. There's always a root cause.

When we late night eat, or overeat at night it's for three reasons:
1. Habitual
2. Physical
3. Emotional
Or, a combination of all three. Like in my case.

It was habitual because I was in the routine of sitting down on the couch after dinner, snacking and watching TV for hours. It was physical because I counted calories and restricted my food all day, resulting in being starving and feeling deprived at night. And it was emotional because I wasn't fulfilled and often felt really lonely and sad due to poor relationships and dissatisfaction with my life.

In my latest video I explain what eat type is so you can see which you resonate with, and how to support yourself in breaking the cycle. 

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