3 Simple Health “Hacks” That Can Change The Game!

I've got 3 incredibly simple health "hacks" I can't wait to share! If you can even call them that... :)

Eat breakfast

I remember in college, and for many years after when I moved to Los Angeles I wouldn’t eat breakfast. In school it was usually because I couldn’t be bothered with running off to class, and then it was because I thought it would help me lose weight. 

The reality is when you don’t eat breakfast, it can actually sabotage weight loss and beyond that set you up to overeat or overindulge later in the day (and usually on all the sugary and carby things). 

Your blood sugar is imbalanced, your hormones are out of whack and it’s near impossible to make the healthy choices you’d like to.

Forget willpower- your stomach is going to feel like a bottomless pit!

Not nourishing our brains and bodies in the morning can also be super stressful. 

And sure, we’re equipped to handle acute stress- but issues arise when we’re living in a chronically stressed out state and it may not seem like a form of stress- but under-eating or skipping breakfast certainly is.

Our cortisol elevates, digestion is impaired and priority goes to managing and resolving the stressful situation our body perceives it’s in, not reaching our health goals. 

After making the switch to eating breakfast and especially one including healthy fat and protein, I was amazed at how much my eating habits, cravings and energy levels balanced out.

And not only this, I was truly more excited by life. Looking back, there was nothing worse than going to bed knowing when I’d wake up I’d start the clock on trying not to eat till lunch. Who wants to live like that!?

Now, I go to bed earlier and with a better attitude because I’m really that excited for the next day and a delicious breakfast. 

Don’t feel like you have time? Make time! Your body will thank you. Still feel like you don’t have time? Prep simple breakfasts like paleo pancakes or chia seed puddings so they’re waiting for you in the morning!

Chew the heck out of your food

If you ever feel bloated, super full or lethargic after a meal (only to name a few symptoms) take this free easy tip and begin chewing.

And chew like you mean it.

Digestion begins upstream and one of the best things you can do for healthy digestion is to chew your food till it’s as pulverized and liquified as possible. 

This send the message downstream to create digestive enzymes and stomach acid, necessary parts in the digestive process.

We move SO fast these days and sometimes simply can’t eat in an uninterrupted atmosphere or not on-the-go and hey we’re human and it happens..combat these times with making a promise to yourself to as least chew, chew chew.

Do a fridge & pantry makeover

You know when you clean out your closet, so it’s filled with only things you love and wear a lot…how good that feels?

Transfer that same belief to your kitchen. 

Create a space filled with products you love, get rid of those that you don’t and keep it as clean and organized (as best you can!)

I keep things very simple and stock my fridge and pantry with healthy cooking fats (coconut oil and ghee) spices I love (paprika, garlic powder, sea salt) proteins (collagen protein, canned wild salmon, ground beef and chicken) and my go-to veggies (kale, zucchini and carrots).

This way I’ve always got what I need to create a well-rounded and tasty meal with very little effort. 

I recommend taking a look at the ingredients in your fridge & pantry and getting rid of the stuff that has vegetable oils (like canola oil or soybean oil) and/or added sugar or artificial sugars.

These are the guys that can cause inflammation- the root of all dis-ease and you’ll be doing yourself a ginormous favor by replacing those with more nourishing foods like proteins, healthy fats and veggies. 

Need a little extra help? This is something I work on with my 1:1 clients.

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