3 simple ways to eat, move & think that feel good vs. a should


There is SO much information out there about what it means to be healthy. Oversaturated, overwhelming and confusing is an understatement. My goal as a practitioner is to make things as simple, digestible and easy to understand as possible.

Of course it all goes back to what works for you - but I have found the 3 things listed below are beneficial for just about everyone I work with (including myself!) 

Our language around health is something I recommend to start becoming more away of. How ofter are you doing something because you feel like you “should” or because it’s “bad” or “good.”

What you do or don’t do doesn’t make you a good or bad person, and being healthier than your friends, family or co-workers doesn’t grant you instantaneous superiority but there is something to be said for taking care of yourself and choosing to respect your body by living a healthy lifestyle.

We only have one chance at this life and living without pain, chronic illness, digestive problems, depression, fatigue and skin problems to name a few sure does boost and enhance our lives. Coming from someone who has experienced (and still sometimes experiences a few of those things) THAT’S where my motivation to eat well, live well and think well comes from and hope it does for you too.

Please reach out and let me know if you appreciated this post!

1. Incorporate GREENS


Steam, sauté, puree, blend, etc. Greens are the ultimate superfood and there’s so many varieties. They’re full of nutrients, rich in fiber, oxygenating and detoxifying. My favorites are kale and arugula for dark leafy varieties, and romaine for salad greens.

You guys know I love my crispy kale recipe but you can also make kale chips, throw greens into a smoothie or smoothie bowl, use a few varieties for big hearty salads, or steam and puree them to make soups and stews. Make sure you cook them in or top them with a healthy fat to make them taste good - plus that healthy fat allows us to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K (which greens are especially rich in!) Vitamin K2 is particularly important in preventing osteoporosis since D helps us absorb calcium and K helps us to assimilate it (making sure it goes to the right places vs. the wrong places). I wrote a whole blog post about K2 a while back, check it out here. 

2. Move THROUGHOUT the day


Studies show that movement throughout the day may be more effective than just one full workout or gym session. A lot of us sit all day at our desks (guilty!) so do what you can. Obviously walking outside during the day is most ideal but you can also do little things like get up and go to the bathroom more (seriously! :)), get up for a glass of water or to talk to a co-worker if you work in an office, get up up and stretch a little, or get outside for 5-10 minute breaks whenever you can (like on your lunch break) vs. a longer walk.

Since I work from home sometimes I’ll talk on the phone while walking in circles in my apartment, do some cleaning up/organizing on my feet here and there throughout the day or a few squats and pushups against my counter. Things like cooking meals and cleaning dishes counts too! Remember it goes back to that saying I love - it’s not about what you do 1 time, it’s about what you do most the time that counts the most. 

3. Unfollow & Create BOUNDARIES

Social media has created jealous behavior over illusion. Some of you are envious of things, relationships, bodies, skin, and lifestyles that don’t even exist.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - unfollow any social media accounts that don’t make you feel good about yourself! Sometimes we’ll hang onto accounts that we think are uplifting and motivating but actually just bring us down because we compare ourselves to them/their bodies/message/pictures/etc.

Fill your feed with things you love looking at so social media is fun vs. draining! 2018 is all about the year of BOUNDARIES. Social media, regular media, relationships, situations - put on that armor and create a space you LIKE being in.