dairy free milk (almond/walnut/coconut)


When I started my Instagram account almost 4 years ago I was mesmerized by the homemade almond milks, nut butters, gluten-free breads, baked goods and chocolate - and just in general the creativity and innovation out there in recipe creation. And although I was inspired, I was also intimidated!

I knew if I ever started a blog or shared my own recipes on social media they would be super simple. Not only because that's all I knew, but because eating  healthy and cooking your own food should be easy and fun, not overwhelming. 

Lately I've become pretty passionate about making my own dairy-free milks.

As you guys know I've been on a gut-healing journey for quite a while now, and 99% of dairy-free milks out there are made with gums (like guar or xanthan). They're in there for a reason- as a thickener, stabilized and emulsifier so truly we can't fault brands for using them. But the reality is gums can potentially trigger gut issues. And if you already have digestive distress or gut inflammation there may be a connection there. Everyone is different and it's something you have to explore for yourself.

I will say a lot of people do just fine with gums, but it's something to be aware of if you're struggling with gut problems and haven't gotten to the bottom of things quite yet. There is one brand which I love called MALK - which is not only gum-free, but also made with sprouted nuts! That's an awesome option out there- I will say it's on the pricier end and not as readily available but if you can find it's, they're delicious and I do highly recommend trying them out!

But guys - making your own is EASY. And honestly every homemade batch I've made has turned out incredibly delicious. Super smooth, creamy and really flavorful. What do I use it for? I blend it into my matcha every morning and also use a little as a base for a smoothie.

Homemade dairy-free milk is great with coffee, matcha, tea, smoothies/smoothie bowls, chia seed pudding, or even grain-free granolas! And sometimes I'll just sneak a sip or two straight from the jar :)


Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 cup nuts or seeds of your choice, or coconut flakes. I've done all sorts of variations - almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, pecans, cashews, and coconut flakes. *make sure your nuts, seeds and coconut are not roasted or coated with vegetable oils (like canola and/or soybean) by just checking out the ingredients list!

  • A medium glass tupperware.

  • A large glass jar, 2 medium glass jars or a big glass pitcher with a lid. *I LOVE re-using sauerkraut and tomato sauce jars. Save them!

  • A cheese cloth or nut milk bag - however I highly recommend a nut milk bag because they are 100% reusable/washable and SO much easier. Obsessed with Ellie's Best - changed the game for me!

  • Filtered water.

  • Choice of add-ins or sweeteners - pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, sea salt, stevia, coconut sugar, dates. (OPTIONAL)



  • In a glass tupperware, soak 1 cup (nuts, seeds or coconut flakes) in water overnight in the fridge.

  • When you're ready to make your milk drain & rinse them through a strainer or colander.

  • Add the nuts/seeds/coconut to a blender with 4 cups filtered water plus dash of spices or dash of sweetener of your choice. I like cinnamon and stevia best, or just simply plain.

  • Blend!

  • Strain through your cheese clothe or nut milk bag into a large bowl (works best if the bowl has a spout!)

  • Transfer to a large jar/jars with lids or pitcher store in the fridge for up to 5 days.

ENJOY! Comment below with what kind you make & your variations - or come over and share with me on Instagram.