My favorite travel snacks

Since the Holiday season is in full swing and I'm sure you've got some travel plans lined up- I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite travel snacks that I love to bring along with me on a trip.

Whether you end up needing them or not, it’s always comforting to have healthy snacks on hand. There's nothing worse than being trapped in an airport or on the road with no real-food options. Traveling already comes with it's challenges so make things a little easier on yourself and come prepared! 

Here’s what I like to grab before a trip…

RX Bars

I LOVE these. The reason I’m such a fan is because they have a balance of protein, fat and carbs and are also made with real-food ingredients. This is really important because I would say about 90% of bars on the market are made with junky additives, excess sugar and artificial sugars. 

Additionally, most bars are either made with whey (a protein in dairy- which can be fine for some but a common allergen and intolerance for many others) or soy protein (which disrupts hormonal balance and I would recommend everyone stay away from).

Back to RX bars- I like to think of them as an upgrade from Larabars. While I’m still a fan of Larabars due to their simple ingredients, they’re extremely low in protein (2-3 grams) and higher in carbs and sugar- making them more comparable to a candy bar than a protein bar.

RX Bars are made of simple ingredients, full of fiber, healthy carbs, and healthy fats so they’ll fill you up, give you energy and won’t upset your stomach. My favorite flavor is by far the chocolate sea salt :)

Epic bar bites


 I first discovered these when I was on a low-carb protocol and it was difficult for me to find snacks since fruit wasn’t really an option. Like the RX bars, these are a high-protein snack that is made with all real-food ingredients. 

I personally really like the actual Epic Bars, but some people find the consistency too dense or "meaty" - so these bites are a great option if that's you too! Another thing I love about these bites is the wise combination of sweet and savory- my favorite. 

This company sources their protein from sustainable sources, so of course I’m a fan of that! The Bison, Bacon, Chia & Currant flavor is definitely a favorite of mine- so make sure you check these out.

Individual Nut Butter or Coconut Butter packets

These are lifesavers! If I were going to recommend a satisfying snack for anyone during a day of travel (choosing between protein, fat and carbs)- it would without a doubt be fat. 

Fat boost our mood, keeps us full and gives us tons of energy. 

But let’s face it, it’s a little difficult to carry around a jar of coconut oil-even though I’m not too proud to do so haha. 

But what’s so great is now companies are making individual packets of our favorite healthy fats. I personally love almond butter, sunflower seed butter and coconut butter.

And what’s cool is that if you’re at the airport or on the road, you can grab a piece of fruit to eat with your packet of nut butter. Because you know I ALWAYS recommend pairing fruit with healthy fat! 

Make sure to check labels for soybean/canola oil, or added sugar. Those things usually hide in nut butters so be that educated consumer and choose a clean source!

Hope you have a fabulous Holiday season and I’m here for you if you’ve got any questions or need any support! Tell me...what are your favorite travel snacks!! I want to know, comment below!