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ditch dieting forever, find what works for you & create a healthy relationship with food + a life you LOVE.

Is this how you currently feel?

  • You're sick and tired of dieting.
  • You beat yourself up and feel guilty when you eat bad.
  • You're either on track/off track, restricting/binging- but never in between.
  • You wish you understood what worked for you and your body, but instead you're discouraged & overwhelmed with all the different information out there.
  • You're ready to break free and make peace with food for GOOD but you have no idea how to get to that place or if it's even possible. 

you're not alone.


  • room to enjoy your life, friends, family and purpose because you’re no longer obsessed with food.
  • no more counting, tracking, depriving or googling quick-fixes ever again.
  • permanent change and clarity on the way of eating that feels good and works for you forever no matter what.
  • peace, balance and freedom around food - (including freedom on nights out, trips/travels and celebrations). 
  • confidence and self-love.

For almost 10 years I obsessed around food. It controlled my every thought and took up all of my energy. I counted calories, tried 100’s of diets, hated my body and punished myself- by restricting food, over-exercising and purging. 

I was miserable, lonely and lost. But I can confidently say I have since broken free. I feel balanced in the way I eat, how I think about food and my body, and how I live my life. I can take trips, celebrate holidays and go out to eat STRESS-FREE + I truly love who I am.

Now, I want to help you BREAK FREE & create a life you LOVE too.

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Here’s how we’ll get there together:

phase 1


  • discover the way of eating that works for you through knowledge & information, trial & error and intuition 
  • how to focus on nutrients, nourishing & healing foods over calories and diets & why
  • how to eat in a way that makes you feel full & satisfied every meal, no longer deprived, restricted or miserable
  • learn how to eat intuitively & choose healthy whole foods as a form self-respect not punishment
  • balance blood sugar & create stable, sustainable energy all day + eliminate cravings or the need for willpower
  • bust diet myths and expose diet industry & nutrition BS + how to easily explain your choices
  • create simple & easy meals, shop effortlessly + transition to a lifestyle that works at home & out all week long

phase 2


  • create restorative & rejuvenating sleep + a nighttime and morning ritual you love
  • jumpstart amazing digestion, eliminate bloating & gas, go to the bathroom every single day
  • ignite the power of saying no, so you can ultimately say yes to what you really want to do 
  • cultivate a self-care routine that's just for you, super special and transforms your day
  • uncover simple stress-management tools that make you feel calm, controlled & yourself 
  • explore making the transition to an holistic way of living including beauty & home 

phase 3


  • break free from the dieting & restriction/binge/purge cycle (or whatever form of that cycle you're in)
  • why it's not about not binging/emotionally eating it's about not restricting/depriving
  • release food being your identity (labeling yourself as "good" or "bad" because you ate "good" or "bad)
  • eliminating guilt, shame and punishment over eating "bad" and how to break the cycle vs. perpetuate it
  • how to create self-love, positive body image & combat negative self-talk
  • identifying limiting thoughts patterns & beliefs, relationships, pasts and experiences and how to let go forever
  • managing & resisting comparison to others or your old body/self
  • creating a mindset of self-worth & confidence
  • finally living a life you love full of intention & purpose and glow from the inside out 
  • how to turn your mess into your message and pay it forward & therefore making peace with the darkness
  • discovering the beauty in why things don't happen to us, they happen for us 

Because I’ve been there too, I can’t just sympathize I can empathize and I approach each and every one of our conversations with compassion and zero judgement. I’m truly passionate in supporting you to gain everything you ever wanted in life and BREAK FREE from what you didn't think was possible. 



HEre'S The details:


  • complimentary 30 min discovery call. Book yours here.
  • 1 x 90-minute initial session - to get to know each other better, dig deeper into what's feeling off, your relationship with food & your body, current struggles and lifestyle, and establish our goals for our time together! (by phone, FaceTime or Skype)
  • 15 x 45-minute weekly coaching sessions - to check in and find out what's working, what's not and how to adjust as necessary. I'm there to listen to anything that's currently coming up for you and offer super support and guidance. I’m huge on celebrating your victories and small achievements (which are really the biggest deal) and unwinding anything that feels like a roadblock. I’ll be your best friend and your #1 cheerleader (by phone, FaceTime or Skype)
  • your very own custom comprehensive nutrition, lifestyle & mindset package sent to you after our first session - 10 + page value complete with how to get you to your specific goals, most important nutrition, lifestyle & mindset actions steps and the WHY behind everything
  • real-food shopping list - real whole nourishing foods including my favorite brands of products and where to get them that will support your body in feeling it’s best, reducing stress and feeling balanced 
  • recipes catered specifically to you - complete with several simple real-food breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. I'll continue to send recipes as you need more, want variety or need something specific- like more smoothie recipes, slow cooker recipes, easy lunches, etc.
  • recommendations for supplements if needed - Designs for Health supplements to address digestive concerns, nutrient deficiencies, energy, mood, stress, sleep and more as needed
  • unlimited text & email support in between sessions - This is the most important part of my program and what sets it apart. I’m always here for you if you have questions, need support, accountability or simply an ear to listen or shoulder to cry on. You can text me when you’re out shopping and can’t decide on a product, need a little pick-me-up mid-week, or are feeling sad, hopeless or discouraged — no matter what it is I’m there for you and will always get right back to you at my earliest convenience!

Why 4 months?

When I started coaching I worked with people for just 6 weeks. That time flew by and my clients re-booked with me for 3 more months. Then I started working with my clients for 90 days (3 months) and they re-signed with me too. The reality is you need this time to see true, permanent change and cultivate sustainable healthy habits that feel good in your body. We're done with the quick-fix, right? This amount of time gives us the opportunity to dig deeper, explore and heal. I can promise you will NEVER have to go on a diet (or want to go on a diet) EVER again. At the end of 4 months you’ll never look back. You’ll be free.

just some of the things my clients have gained from our time together:

  • Broke the disordered eating cycle
  • Feel safe around food
  • Living a meaningful life not obsessing over controlling food
  • More, consistent energy
  • Empowered to make positive decisions regarding food
  • Balanced, strong and confident are words now found in their journal
  • Loving the woman they are today
  • A positive mindset
  • Confidence
  • Decreased anxiety
  • No longer feel alone
  • Deeper sense of nourishment for their body
  • Shifted mindset around diet, food, weight and body image


January Promotion: $1500 USD

Investment increasing to $1800 Feb 1st.

Payment plan available upon consultation.


I can wholeheartedly say that working with Chelsea was the best decision I made in a long time. I have dealt with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and lack of self-worth all which manifested in disordered eating and compulsive behavior. Trapped in a vicious cycle, I honestly felt that I would forever deal with restriction, bingeing, and purging. I could not see a life outside of my shame and finding the next best diet. I suffered these limiting beliefs for over a decade and genuinely did not know how people could just eat moderately. I had no idea what it felt like to eat moderately or feel calm around food. Before my 30-minute consultation call with Chelsea, I struggled with how honest I “should” be and what information I wanted to share with her, however I quickly divulged many details I had not planned on sharing. Chelsea creates a space of non-judgement and it is easy to trust that she understands what you are going through. Now I feel so proud of myself. I can go to a grocery store and buy real whole foods, I am not researching diets, I refuse to restrict myself, I enjoy cooking, and I feel safe around food. I NEVER thought this was possible for me. For me this was about finding peace with food and breaking a disordered eating cycle. I am so thankful to Chelsea for all the support and tools she has given me to help me live a meaningful life NOT obsessing over controlling food.
— Tara O'Brien

Don't start a diet that has an expiration date, focus on a lifestyle that will last forever. 

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