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Introducing The Wellness Babe Online Program!

Wellness Babe is a 100% online & self-paced program

(meaning you can begin, work-on & complete it at anytime (even at home in your comfiest sweats!))

Hey Babe!

I created The Wellness Babe Program from a deep desire to support women in breaking free from feeling unbalanced and out of control around food & in their bodies. For years, I jumped from diet to diet desperate to change my body through punishment & restriction. Instead of choosing health I chose dieting. Instead of choosing the quality of my food I chose quantity, portions, points & macros. Instead of choosing self-love I chose self-loathing. I was totally lost, either on or off, good or bad. Can you relate?

What I learned was missing when I ultimately healed my disordered relationship with food was the WHY. Why I was making the choices I was, what mattered to me and what didn’t, and how I felt when I implemented those choices. From there it no longer felt confusing or challenging, in fact it started to become FUN because I was in the driver’s seat - proud, secure & confident in how I ate, thought & lived. Wellness Babe centers around empowering education, and the insight & inspiration to take back control. Control from cookie-cutter dieting. Control from misinformation & myths. And control from anyone or anything that tells you that you can’t love yourself just the way you are. 

This program will teach you how to ground yourself, feel empowered around food & in your body, plus take what you’ve learned & keep it up forever - in a way that feels completely doable, enjoyable and totally YOU.

I cannot wait for you to become a total Wellness Babe :)



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