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“In our introductory meeting, I very quickly realized that Chelsea was a very special person with an ability to provide insights into the food issues I had faced my whole life. When we first met, I was in a very dark place. My entire "story" was described in terms of my weight...every memory laced with the pain of knowing how thin I once was or how heavy. Within the first couple of months, Chelsea helped me write a new story so that I could begin to enjoy the things I once loved again. She broke down every situation and provided me the tools to change my internal dialogue to a positive mindset. Food began to lose it's power over me and continues to more and more each day. It was as though a cloud was lifted and I could see things for what they were, and not just in relation to food. I cannot recommend Chelsea enough. She has truly found her calling!”

-Lisa McCullough


"I can wholeheartedly say that working with Chelsea was the best decision I made in a long time. I have dealt with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and lack of self-worth all which manifested in disordered eating and compulsive behavior. Trapped in a vicious cycle, I honestly felt that I would forever deal with restriction, bingeing, and purging. I could not see a life outside of my shame and finding the next best diet. I suffered these limiting beliefs for over a decade and genuinely did not know how people could just eat moderately. I had no idea what it felt like to eat moderately or feel calm around food. Before my 30-minute consultation call with Chelsea, I struggled with how honest I “should” be and what information I wanted to share with her, however I quickly divulged many details I had not planned on sharing. Chelsea creates a space of non-judgement and it is easy to trust that she understands what you are going through. Now after 2 months of working with Chelsea I feel so proud of myself. I can go to a grocery store and buy real whole foods, I am not researching diets, I refuse to restrict myself, I enjoy cooking, and I feel safe around food. I NEVER thought this was possible for me. For me this was about finding peace with food and breaking a disordered eating cycle. I am so thankful to Chelsea for all the support and tools she has given me to help me live a meaningful life NOT obsessing over controlling food." 

- Tara O'Brien


"Working with Chelsea has truly transformed and enriched my life in ways that were previously unimaginable. Her coaching has equipped me with sustainable tools to lead a holistic and balanced lifestyle forever. Chelsea has led me in embracing a formidable journey of self-discovery as I gleaned her wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. With personal commitment to her clients and passionate expertise in her field, Chelsea is an invaluable coach. Through a rewardingly tough process, working with Chelsea has dynamically shaped my personal health in all aspects of life. I have been edified and encouraged towards growing nutritionally, mentally, and emotionally. She has been instrumental in helping me on a journey that I never would have expected, but now cannot imagine a life without. It is no coincidence that empowered, balanced, strong, and confident are words that are now consistently found in my journal. Choosing to make a powerful commitment to myself by working with Chelsea, I have discovered a life that I never thought possible. She has been so influential in my personal development as I continue to grow as the woman that I am and love. My journey with Chelsea has truly changed my life, and I treasure the impact she has had on setting my life on a course of holistic balance. Chelsea has helped me to uncover the exciting potential of embracing nutrition, health, and balance on an individually attainable level. She has led me in cultivating nutritional knowledge, developing a positive mindset, and establishing a holistic lifestyle. Chelsea’s coaching has brought me a life of dynamic empowerment and undeniable personal growth for which I will forever be grateful."

- Shelby Miller