ditch dieting forever, create a healthy relationship with food & live a life you love free from rules, restriction and obsession.

In our introductory meeting, I very quickly realized that Chelsea was a very special person with an ability to provide insights into the food issues I had faced my whole life. When we first met, I was in a very dark place. My entire “story” was described in terms of my weight...every memory laced with the pain of knowing how thin I once was or how heavy. Within the first couple of months, Chelsea helped me write a new story so that I could begin to enjoy the things I once loved again. She broke down every situation and provided me the tools to change my internal dialogue to a positive mindset. Food began to lose it’s power over me and continues to more and more each day. It was as though a cloud was lifted and I could see things for what they were, and not just in relation to food. I cannot recommend Chelsea enough.
— Lisa

Is this how you currently feel?

  • You're sick and tired of dieting.

  • You beat yourself up and feel guilty when you eat bad.

  • You compare your body to the old you, people on social media + what you think you "should" look like.

  • You're either on track/off track, restricting/binging- but never in between.

you're not alone.


  • room to enjoy your life, friends, family and purpose because you’re no longer obsessed with food.

  • no more counting, tracking, depriving or googling quick-fixes ever again.

  • peace, balance and freedom around food - (including freedom on nights out, trips/travels and celebrations)

  • clarity on how to how to eat intuitively and make healthy choices out of self-love & respect, not punishment.

  • Confidence & self-love in your body - a true feeling of WORTH distanced from just your weight & size.


For almost 10 years I obsessed around food. It controlled my every thought and took up all of my energy. I counted calories, tried 100’s of diets, hated my body and punished myself- by restricting food, over-exercising and purging. 

I was miserable, lonely and lost. But I can confidently say I have since broken free. I feel balanced in the way I eat, how I think about food and my body, and how I live my life. I can take trips, celebrate holidays and go out to eat STRESS-FREE + I truly love who I am.

Now, I want to help you BREAK FREE & create a life you LOVE too.

The answer in not in yet another diet.

I can PROMISE YOU that.

HEre'S The details:


  • complimentary 30 min discovery call. Book yours here.

  • 1 x 90-minute initial session - to get to know each other better, dig deeper into what's feeling off, your relationship with food & your body, current struggles and lifestyle, and establish our goals for our time together. (by phone or video)

  • 9 x 45-minute coaching sessions - Each week we'll check in and work through what's coming up for you. We'll have open conversations about food, dieting, restriction, self-love, body-love and all the roadblocks that prevent you from being calm around food. Each time we talk I'll give you action steps, mindset tools and ultimately the guidance, encouragement and support to break free. (by phone or video)

  • Text & Email support in between sessions - I’m here for you if you have questions, need support, insight or encouragement. I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.


Customized nutrition, lifestyle & mindset plan

Supplement recommendations, as needed

Chelsea was such a bright light in my life when I really needed it. She helped me get to the root of why I couldn’t repair my relationship with food, which I had never dealt with before. She gave me all the information I needed, from the science behind why my body was feeling and behaving the way it was, to everyday practical tips like the best coconut oil to buy. She is a compassionate, kind, insightful, funny, beautiful person on the inside and out. I never felt judged or criticized talking with her; only uplifted. I am now 15 pounds lighter, but more importantly, I feel lighter in life—no longer carrying around the emotional pain that comes with dieting. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Chelsea! I know you’ll help so many more :)
— Ashley

Because I’ve been there too, I can’t just sympathize I can empathize and I approach each and every one of our conversations with compassion and zero judgement. I’m truly passionate in supporting you to gain everything you ever wanted in life and BREAK FREE from what you didn't think was possible. 


Here’s how we’ll get there together:


  • discover the way of eating that works for you through knowledge & information, trial & error and intuition

  • how to focus on nutrients, nourishing & healing foods over calories and diets & why

  • how to eat in a way that makes you feel full & satisfied every meal, no longer deprived, restricted or miserable

  • learn how to eat intuitively & choose healthy whole foods as a form self-respect not punishment

  • balance blood sugar & create stable, sustainable energy all day + eliminate cravings or the need for willpower

  • bust diet myths and expose diet industry & nutrition BS + how to easily explain your choices

  • create simple & easy meals, shop effortlessly + transition to a lifestyle that works at home & out all week long


  • create restorative & rejuvenating sleep + a nighttime and morning ritual you love

  • jumpstart amazing digestion, eliminate bloating & gas, go to the bathroom every single day

  • ignite the power of saying no, so you can ultimately say yes to what you really want to do

  • cultivate a self-care routine that's just for you, super special and transforms your day

  • uncover simple stress-management tools that make you feel calm, controlled & yourself

  • explore making the transition to an holistic way of living including beauty & home


  • break free from the dieting & restriction/binge/purge cycle (or whatever form of that cycle you're in)

  • why it's not about not binging/emotionally eating it's about not restricting/depriving

  • release food being your identity (labeling yourself as "good" or "bad" because you ate "good" or "bad)

  • eliminating guilt, shame and punishment over eating "bad" and how to break the cycle vs. perpetuate it

  • how to create self-love, positive body image & combat negative self-talk

  • identifying limiting thoughts patterns & beliefs, relationships, pasts and experiences and how to let go forever

  • managing & resisting comparison to others or your old body/self

  • creating a mindset of self-worth & confidence

  • finally living a life you love full of intention & purpose and glow from the inside out

  • how to turn your mess into your message and pay it forward & therefore making peace with the darkness

  • discovering the beauty in why things don't happen to us, they happen for us

Why multiple sessions?

We're done with the quick-fix, right? This amount of time gives us the opportunity to dig deeper, explore and heal. I can promise you will NEVER have to go on a diet (or want to go on a diet) EVER again. At the end of 90 days you’ll never look back. YOU'LL BE FREE. 


just some of the things my clients have gained from our time together:

  • Broke the disordered eating cycle

  • Feel safe around food

  • Living a meaningful life not obsessing over controlling food

  • More, consistent energy

  • Empowered to make positive decisions regarding food

  • Balanced, strong and confident are words now found in their journal

  • Loving the woman they are today

  • A positive mindset

  • Confidence

  • Decreased anxiety

  • No longer feel alone

  • Deeper sense of nourishment for their body

  • Shifted mindset around diet, food, weight and body image

90-day program investment:

$1800 USD

or 3 payments of $675 USD

*A 4-week version of  the program is available upon consultation*

4-week program investment:

$750 USD

or 2 payments of $425 USD


Chelsea has given me the gift of acceptance, self love and food freedom. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling. Our weekly sessions have helped me reclaim my life from disordered eating and diet culture. I will be forever grateful.
— Daria
Working with Chelsea was truly an amazing experience. The level of support and guidance she provided was unmatched and far exceeded my expectations. Her level of knowledge of not only nutrition but overall health and wellness as well as all of the factors that play a role in those topics was extremely beneficial to me, specifically dealing with anxiety and stress. My relationship with food now is in a much better place than it was before with no restricting or feeling guilt for “indulging” thanks to the work Chelsea and I did together. I have been able to transform my mindset to be more positive and to try to find the good even when things do not feel “perfect”. I am excited to continue on this path of feeling renewed and refreshed.
— Kaitlyn
Finding Chelsea and signing up for her program and continued coaching has been one of the best decisions of my life. In the past I had been let down by diets or quick fix programs that left me feeling bogged down by complicated meal plans and hard to follow regimes. In the end, none of these worked for me and only left me feeling like a failure. But, through my conversations and work with Chelsea I’ve realized it’s not about a diet or complicated plan, it’s about empowering me to make the change I want to see. Chelsea is more than a nutritionist and coach; she’s a great listener and guide. I’m learning how to make healthy food choices that work for me and instead of feeling bogged down I feel confident in the decisions I’m making. She’s helped me to celebrate my achievements along the way, even small milestones. Chelsea has helped me remove the barriers that have kept me from realizing my goals. I have a renewed confidence and commitment that is focused on creating something that works for me and is sustainable. I am beyond grateful for the guidance and insights Chelsea has given me.
— Kerry