I'm Chelsea Gross, a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. 

I help women break free from the things they obsess about every single day- dieting, restricting, counting calories & emotional eating so they can love themselves and their lives. How? Through simple healthy habits, real food and 1:1 support from me filled with compassion and zero judgement.  

I support my clients in creating permanent change so they NEVER have to start over on Monday, next year or get back on the wagon ever again. 

I can help cause I've been there. For nearly a decade I tried 100's of diets, filled out notebooks with my calories each day, binged, obsessed and struggled with food, weight, my body and health. 

I've since broken free and these days I feel truly balanced, at peace around food and confident in the way I eat, think and live. I no longer struggle with those things that took up all the space in my life.

Now, I want to help you get there too. 

Why is my approach different than everything else you've already tried?

  • You'll learn what's really healthy and what's not (through facts not hearsay and I'll break down the BS!) 

  • We'll focus on quality and the nutrients your body desires and thrives on - not eating less (spoiler alert we'll never do juice cleanses or count calories!)

  • I'll create a completely custom nutrition and lifestyle plan just for YOU + we chat each week so you feel 100% supported in all the changes you're making (my goal is for you to see permanent change!)

*coaching is by phone or Skype so you can live anywhere!