I'm Chelsea, a Certified Nutrition Coach and I help women break up with dieting, make peace with food & feel confident in their bodies. 

I can help cause I've been there myself. Diets and restriction don't work. For years I counted calories, obsessed about food and struggled with my health. Now I feel balanced and healthy. My peace of mind comes from understanding the WHY behind what's helping you thrive and what isn't. I'll teach you those things, help you see you're worth it and that it's about more than willpower. Together we'll get to the root of why you're not feeling your best and make a custom plan to get you out of that place and feeling good again (or first the first time ever)!

Why is my approach different than everything else you've already tried?

  • You'll learn what's really healthy & what's not (through science not hearsay and I'll break down the BS!) 

  • We focus on eating smarter not less (spoiler alert we won't be doing juice cleanses or counting calories!)

  • It's my priority to discover together what works for YOU (because we're all unique and you've got to like what you're doing to stick to it!)

*coaching is by phone or Skype so you can live anywhere!