A full-day in person intensive for LA locals


I offer a one-day intensive to LA locals who are ready to get down to business and make a huge & powerful shift in the way they organize their kitchen, shop at the store, cook, eat and FEEL. This is a life-changing day spent 1:1 with me where everything is catered towards getting YOU on the path of health & happiness!

My 1 day intensive is created for those who are ready to:

  • commit to shifting their current health & nutrition habits
  • learn valuable & attainable knowledge that can be applied to their kitchen, lifestyle & mind
  • see beautiful, powerful & permanent change in their nutrition & wellness!

What’s included?

  • We’ll begin the day with meeting up in your space and getting to know each other. You’ll let me know what you’re struggling with and hoping to get out of our day together.

  • Fridge, pantry & kitchen makeover: We’ll go through your current items and I’ll educate you on what’s working & what’s not and the WHY. We’ll get rid of all that is not serving you in nourishing your body or reaching your goals. Then we’ll make a list of the kitchen staples to pick up at the store which will serve as the foundation to a happier body, mind & spirit - replacing anything we’re getting rid of!

  • Shopping list/meal-planning: I’ll then come up with a week of meals that we’ll meal prep later - based on your likes and dislikes, goals and preferences — and we’ll create our shopping list!

  • Let’s go shopping!: We’ll hit your local grocery store and stock up on kitchen staples - like healthy cooking fats, spices, produce, meats & seafood, nuts and seeds, etc. You’ll be SET, inspired and learn the ropes of how to shop smart, what to look for and what to avoid. (*client will be responsible for grocery costs)

  • Meal prep: I’ll prep a week’s worth of meals, educating you on the ins and outs of meal prep, cooking smart, and creating simple & easy recipes

  • Coaching: during our time together throughout the day, I’ll also make lifestyle & mindset recommendations for you - in order to set you up with all the tools for creating the happiest & healthiest you possible. You’ve also got me all day to ask me anything you want to know about health & nutrition. We're going to have so much fun :)

  • You'll also come about with several handouts: How to create a plate (the important components of a healthy meal), real-food shopping list, fridge, freezer & pantry must-haves list, and a weekly meal planning chart.

  Bonus: need more support and loving the 1:1 time together? Enter into my 90 day 1:1 THRIVE coaching program at 20% off. Some of the goodness involved? Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, accountability, a very detailed personalized nutrition & lifestyle plan (10 page + value), mindset coaching, meal plans, recipes, unlimited email & text support and MORE. Learn more here.


$799 USD


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