You're more than a juice cleanse

“I have only been working with Chelsea for a month, but I already feel so much more knowledgeable about food than I have ever felt.  I understand the nutrients that my body needs in order to reach homeostasis.  I have started reading labels - something that I have NEVER done in the past.  Over the holidays I was able to share what I've learned about added sugar and vegetable oils with my parents, and they even started checking labels!  It was an awesome moment to see them learn and grow with me.  Chelsea is so knowledgeable about nutrition and dedicated to her clients.  I find myself really looking forward to our weekly calls.  I am so glad that I started working with her.  This is an experience and these are lessons that I will take with me long after our time together has commenced.” -Jordan Beckman

Getting messages like these from my clients makes me so excited. Here’s why…

When I started coaching, I was super passionate about breaking the mold.

I didn’t want to come from a place of eat this, not that, calorie counting or restriction. 

There are sooooo many “cookie-cutter” diets out there that promise to be THE THING that will work for you (promise #2,567…right?) 

It’s BS. 

Why? Because we’re all DIFFERENT. We all have different like, dislikes, behaviors, mentalities, pasts, stories, hang-ups, deal-breakers, and upper limits.

A made-for-you diet/juice-cleanse/calorie-counting program just isn’t gonna be THE THING.

Take my word for it, because I spent the better part of my 20’s working through every diet out there. I was the QUEEN of a pressed juicery cleanse, egg white omelette, and a skinny vanilla latte to disguise hunger. 

What did I get? Angst, turmoil, frustration and desperation- never reaching my health goals. 

I felt like it was ME.

Everyone was succeeding but ME.

This diet isn’t the problem…I AM.




You’re not the problem!

You’ve just been given the wrong information. You’re not lacking, you’re not worthless and it’s not your fault.

You’ve been TOLD non-fat yogurt, whole grain cereal and meat-less Mondays are the THING. (spoiler alert, they’re not.)

So what does work? If that stuff can’t…what can help you?

LEARNING. Understanding the real deal of what to eat, think and DO to support you in reaching every single health goal you have - because it’s 100% possible.

When I started my business, I knew I wanted the foundation of my coaching program to be education and empowerment.  

WE need to take back control. Push through the dietary dogma out there that’s been keeping us stuck, sick and miserable.

It’s sooooo possible to get out of that place. My clients tell me that my approach is different, because it is.

I focus on YOU. We work TOGETHER. I’m there every step of the way.

I create a custom-crafted nutrition and lifestyle plan for you, in your inbox 48 hours after our initial session filled with everything you need to know- plus we have fun, enlightening and therapeutic weekly 1:1 sessions filled with getting to the root of the issue, support, accountability and PROGRESS. 

Imagine in a few months…

  • you feel confident and sexy in your jeans- ready for date night.
  • you have plenty of energy to cook dinner during the week instead of picking up take-out which always leaves you feeling BLAH.
  • you feel full and satisfied after meals- that HANGRY feeling and cravings for sugar and junk are so long-gone.

If you’re feeling this…if this feels like a breath of fresh air then LET'S CHAT.

We’ll get on a free call and you can learn more about my 1:1 coaching program, tell me what hasn’t been working for you and what you WANT. I’ll listen. Cause I’ve been there too. 

Send me a message if you're interested in working together- and we'll make this happen! I would LOVE to talk to you!!

I want you to feel comfortable, supported and safe. I want you to invest in something that's actually going to work (leave the juice cleanses in the DUST ;))